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Executive Director’s Desk (Sunbeam Eduserve)
Executive Director's Desk

Hars Madhok

Sunbeam Schools recognize the potential in every student and enables the possibility of his/her unique abilities to shine bright. Sunbeam Precept, our curriculum provides a rigorous learning environment driven by an adaptive curriculum constantly improved and upgraded and fostered through relationships with the very best teachers and school administrators.

Few educational edifices can boast the strength of commitment, sense of purpose, and clarity of vision that is present at Sunbeam.

As an educational Institution, Sunbeam is committed to providing empowerment, leadership skills, a fun learning environment, positive values, social competencies, a wide range of co-curricular opportunities, sporting skills, opportunities to master evolving technology and personal identity to all Sunbeams enrolled with us.

Our expertise in education is supported by state of the art facilities and the willingness to walk that extra mile to bring the best to our students.

For us at Sunbeam, our students always come first!!

Everything we do at sunbeam is to make our children feel valued and make them valuable.