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  • Dear Parents, It gives us immense pleasure to inform you all that for its contribution towards (quality in Education) through exemplary performance as per the prescribed criteria. Sunbeam Mau has been awarded the "Academic Excellence Award 2017-18" by Brainfeed, Sunbeam Mau stood the unanimous choice for Mau district. We were also the one who were awarded for green building campaign and problem based learning skills. We thank you for your support and co-operation in making Sunbeam Mau the best in the district.
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    Rakesh Garg

    Esteemed Parents & Guardians,

    We convey you all our wholehearted compliments on the opening of an English medium academic institution of international standards in Mau in the form of Sunbeam School, Mau with state of the art infrastructural facilities and straight from heart commitment is dedicated to creating students who will become stewards of a just and sustainable world with duty, devotion and discipline as their creed. From this point of view, the school will definitely be different from other schools in the area. It is also very heartening that the school will have its own transport arrangement for the faculty, students and other employees for safe conveyance. The highly motivated faculty will be well trained and in sync with modern educational developments. Remember, out children are our future and so they need quality education for their overall development. Sunbeam School, Mau invites you to be part of the ever growing Sunbeam family and benefit from its four decades of educational expertise.

    God bless you all. Regards

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